New Opportunities In Astute Methods For Evening Gowns

The audience favorite is Lethal Lace: a stretchy, universal body holster designed by Tessa Renaud, a registered nurse from Louisiana. “As a nurse working late shifts at night, walking in the parking garage at 3 a.m., I didn’t feel safe,” she said, while explaining her product's origin story. Renaud decided that carrying a concealed weapon would help her feel safer, so she took a course, got a concealed weapons permit, and bought a gun. The only issue: She couldn’t figure out how to holster a handgun to her scrubs without her bottoms sagging. “That’s what sparked it,” Renaud said. “I was going to figure out a way to fix my problem.” Decades ago, when firearms retailers first began marketing to women, they adopted a simple strategy: “shrink it and pink it.” But the women who bought and tried these products (including cheetah print semi-automatic handguns so tiny they produced considerable recoil) realized they wanted things that were actually designed for their bodies. Renaud is one of many women who have met that demand and become business owners in the process. Stretchy and strong, Lethal Lace can wrap anywhere on the wearer’s body, making it easy to holster a gun to legs or the chest. In a video posted to YouTube, looking like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Renaud demonstrates how Lethal Lace can effectively conceal a potential arsenal of weapons — four handguns, two knives, two canisters of mace, and a loaded magazine — under a tank top and yoga pants. Renaud and Suffecool, both mothers, consider their gun ownership as a new form of feminine domesticity. “For the longest time it’s always been assumed that it’s the men who are the protectors,” Suffecool told me.

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